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Sep 22, 2019

Houston we have a problem!

Donate Button

Aug 2, 2019

Hi Everybody. The Donate Button is active and now visible across all platforms. A while back we let you know that Mr. X has finally retired and collecting Social Security. As a result of that momentous occasion we are forced to put up a donate button to see if we could get some help with the website expenses. We’ve...

Jul 28, 2019

After being away for two plus months we have a big show for you. Curly has lost more money in an investment with Honey's nephew Bo Jangles. Plus a whole lot more stuff that I can't remember while I write this deciton of the show to get you to listen. But the fact is that nobody reads this stuff.

May 20, 2019

This episode can be titled Honey's Tail and Bela Tera Mobil Home Park Estates has never been more dysfunctional. 

Can Pigs Fly?

Apr 8, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, if you shove a big enough jet engine into a pig’s ass, it will fly just fine. Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 208